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“I’ll never forget the first time I met Bill.

I was determined to take a hard stance against him Because he was a REALTOR. Before he could sit down, I looked at him and said, ‘How much commission do you charge?’ He said he understood my concern but the real important question is, ‘How much will I net?’ Then Bill went on to illustrate all the expenses and efforts involved in marketing my home. Bill sold my home in 4 hours for $15,000 over asking price of $204,900”

Nereida G.

My partners and I were searching for a property on the Cape Fear River.

We had very specific criteria which included an existing RR siding and no less than 15 acres. We had been searching for months and we were ready to move on when we met Bill. We signed a Buyers Agency Agreement with Bill. He went up and down the river searching each property and their owners. Much to our surprise, he did find the perfect property and he convinced the owner to sell.

Richard J.

“We had owned our home for less than two years when we were offered a professional opportunity in Greensboro.

We had put a minimal amount down on our home in Wake County and we were concerned that after expenses, we would be upside down. Bill fought for every dollar for us and we were pleased to net several thousand dollars. However, the day before the buyers walk-thru, the upstairs shower stall sprung a leak. It made quite a mess in the laundry room below. Bill dropped what he was doing and brought a plumber and a sheetrock contractor there. In three hours, it was as good as new. Talk about a relief! Closing went off without a hitch.”

Brooke and Travis A.

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